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Hello Friends, In this article I will discuss you some useful tips to find quantity of steel for footing, so after reading the given tips you will be able to find the steel quantity in column footing. so let’s get start.

Tips to Find Quantity of Steel for Footing

Tip No 1:

First of all we have to identify the types of reinforcement, that what kind of reinforcement are used in footing and also study their shapes of steel.

Tip No 2:

Than Select the suitable dia of steel for Main and distribution bars in footing ( X bars and Y bars )

Tip No 3:

Deduct the Concrete Cover from all sides of footing.

Tip No 4:

Find the length of steel bars for ( X bars and Y bars )

Tip No 5:

Find the total No’s of steel bars

Tip No 6:

Find the total length of steel bars.

Tip No 7:

Find the Weight of steel ( reinforcement ) for footing with the help of any formula But I recommend that use the given formula to find the unit weight of steel

Formula to find the weight of steel in kg/m

weight of 1 meter steel = D x D / 162          Here D is dia of steel which we put here in formula in (mm)

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