Equation How to Find Deflection in cantilever Beam

  In this Equation I will Teach you that How to find deflection of cantilever beam at free end. Example : A cantilever beam 15 cm wide and 20 cm deep project 1.5 m out of the wall and its carry a point load of 5000 kg at the free end find the slope and deflection […]

What is Centroid and Centre of gravity

Centroid The point, at which the total area of a plane figure (such as rectangle, triangle, square, quadrilateral, circle etc) is assumed to be concentrated, is called the centroid of that area. The centroid is also represented by C.G. or G.The centroid and centre of gravity are at the same point. Centre of gravity Centre […]

General Concept of Civil Engineering Structure

In this article today I will discuss the General concept of civil engineering structure which are too has to much important rule in civil engineering. We have some General concept of civil engineering structure which are given: 1: Working Drawing 2: Item of work and their Unit 3: Calculation of Quantity of steel , concrete […]

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