Why steel are Binds by Binding Wire? Purpose of Binding Wire.

Hello friends today I will discuss why steel are binds by binding wire and its purpose so let’s get explain.

What is Binding wire?

Binding wires and the types of tying the wires to bind the reinforcement.  is used for binding reinforcement construction. It is made of mild steel inker, which takes place in the form of thermal processing annealing. Binding wire is also called annealed wire.

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Binding wire is available in different diameters ranging from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm.

The application of binding wire requires it to be flexible enough so as to tie easily and strong enough so as to hold the joint in place.  There are various methods used for tying the joints.

Why Steel are Binds by Binding Wire?

One of the major use of binding wires is to keep the reinforcement provided in proper place because without the binding wire reinforcement will be free to move which could lead to increase in spacing between reinforcement in a particular section and decrease in a particular section which can lead to the decrease in strength and ductility of the structure and increase the chances of failure.

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Purpose of Binding Wire:

  1. To hold the reinforcement in position.
  2. To provide spacing of bars as specified by consultant.
  3. To avoid displacement of bars during concrete pouring.
  4. Purpose of binding wire in RCC is to keep the reinforcement intact in its required position otherwise it is welded.

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