Reinforcement Lapping Length for Beam Column and Slab

Hello friends, In this article today I will discuss you about Reinforcement Lapping Length for Beam Column and Slab, Because many lecture can teach you different formulas for lapping length in beam , column and slab etc.

What is lapping length:

lapping length is also called overlapping length, and lapping length we can define when the steel in bar is not sufficient for the design length which we required, so for that we lap the other steel to complete the design length , so there two steel should be overlapping on each other that is called lapping or overlapping length.

Lapping length can transfer the load from on e member to other, and the reinforcement bar need to be firmly bind at both ends.

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Lapping Length formulas for Beam column and slab

Remember that Column is Compression member and Beam is Tension member

Lapping Length for Compression member (Column ) =   48 D         here D is the Diameter of steel which we used in the Column ( Longitudinal bars )

Example : If I use 12mm dia of steel in the beam so what will be the lapping length in the beam.

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Lapping length for Column  = 48 D   = 48 (12) = 576 mm


Lapping Length for beam and slab = 60D             Here D is the dia of steel which we used in the slab or beam.


For more detail watch the given video


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