How to calculate the concrete quantity of a trapezoidal footing?

Share293Tweet+1PinShare293 Shares Hello friends, in this article today I will teach you how to find the volume of trapezoidal shape and also its quantity of trapezoidal footing First, We have to calculate the below rectangular part separated by the dotted line (refer the diagram), using rectangular area formula. For rectangular, the Area = A x […]

Causes of Cracks in RCC Slabs

Share4.8KTweet+1PinShare4.8K Shares Hello friends, In this video lecture today I will teach you the 12 main causes of cracks in rcc slab, lets get start. Causes of cracks in rcc slab: 1: Improper mixing of concrete mix 2: When we do less curing of concrete. 3: Insufficient concrete cover for reinforcement. 4: More spacing of […]

How to reduce segregation in Concrete?

Share2.4KTweet+1PinShare2.4K Shares Hello Friends, In this article today I we will discuss how to reduce segregation in concrete? so after reading this article you will be able to know how to control segregation in concrete, Lets get start. What is Segregation in Concrete? Segregation is the separation of particle which are present in the concrete, […]

Design of RCC beam

Share1.7KTweet+1PinShare1.7K Shares Hello friend, In this video lecture you can follow the given tips for design of rcc beam in detail. Note:¬† If the beam is up to 5 meter length and load is 7KN per running meter then u can design your beam same like given beam. Use 2 Nos of bars at the […]

Points to Remember for Civil Site Engineer

Share1.0KTweet+1PinShare1.0K Shares ¬†Points to Remember for Civil Site Engineer Few general points for the civil engineer to remember to make the construction work easy and hence maintaining the quality of the work, done on the site: 36mm is the maximum diameter of the bars used for lapping. Bars having more than this diameter are not […]

Design of beam

Share734Tweet+1PinShare734 Shares Hello Friends, In this article I did design personally for a small house which wall load was 8KN/m so this is my personal design and you can also use this design up to 8KN per running meter. lets get start. In a beam of up to 5 meters length, secondary spans of up […]

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