How to Find Quantity of Concrete Block |Concrete Block Calculation|

In this video lecture I will teach you that How we can find out the quantity of concrete block. But remember that here in this block quantity you can change your block dimension it mean u can find out the concrete block quantity for different dimension and size of blocks.

Steps to find Quantity of concrete block

1: Length of wall

2: Height of wall

3: Thickness of wall

4: Find the size of block

Solution : 

Volume of wall = Length of wall x Height of wall x Thickness of wall

Volume of wall = 10 x 3 x 0.152 = 4.56 cubic meter

Now, Volume of Concert block = Length of block x Depth of block x thickness of block

Size of block = 405 x 200  x 152 = 0.014706 cubic meter

Find No’s  of  Concrete bock in above wall

Formula : Total volume of wall / Volume of Concrete block

No’s of Block = 4.56 / 0.014706 = 319 No’s of Blocks


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    Akhilesh singh

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    Veri nice qew

    Akhilesh singh

    (January 22, 2018 - 1:20 am)

    Veri nice qW

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