Estimation of Reinforcement in Foundation & Column


In this video lecture today I will teach you that how to do calculation of steel for foundation and column in detail , where you are able to learn the total quantity of steel for foundation and column from start to finish.

Given data:

Size of column footing = 3000 x 3000  mm

Size of Column = 300 x 300  mm

Height of column = H = 3 m

Dia of steel for longitudinal bar = d = 12 mm

Spacing between main bar and distribution bar c/c = 200 mm

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Required data:

Here we will find the total number of bars in column footing for main bar and distribution bar ?

Cutting Length of stirrups  ?

Weigh of longitudinal bars ?

Solution :

Total Quantity of the steel will be find in the Bar Bending Schedule Chart in detail.

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For more detail watch the given video of my channel:


Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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