Why Crank Bars are Provide in Slab?


In this article I will discuss about that why the crack of bars are required in slab, many students they have this question and also they face the problem about this question , that why we provide crank of bar in slab, so therefore after reading this article you will be able that why we provide crank of bar in slab, let’s get start.

Bent Up Bar

In civil engineering Bent up bar is also called Crank bars, And we provide the crank bar or bent up bar on the top of the slab at the end. and crank bars are safe the slab from compressive stress. And also crank bars are resist the negative bending moment.

Why we provide Crank of bars in slab?

1: Crank of bars are resist the hogging mean Negative bending moment at the supports.

2: To resist with shear force because the share force is greater at the section of supports.

3: Crank bar are increase the strength of the slab.

4: To reduce amount of steel in slab.

5: To Increase the strength of RCC slab.

6: To reduce risk and failure of column and slab.

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai



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