Column Layout for Building


The residential villa comprises of 1 and half floors. Initially, the column size 9″x12″ had been used with the use of M15 grade of concrete. The builder wanted to save on his budget by making the columns smaller in size. That is why, the columns in the Floor plans below are 9″x9″ in size but the Engineer made sure that M20 grade of concrete would be used for Columns.

Thumb rule no1:

Size of the Columns

The size of the columns are 9″x9″ with the use of M20 grade of concrete.

Thumb rule no.2:

Distance between the columns:

The distance between the columns does not exceed 4.5m.

Thumb rule no.3:

Alignment of Columns

The Columns have been arranged on a iron grid pattern. So there is absolutely no question of zigzag walls and zigzag beams which reducing complications in the structure

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