Why Civil Engineers Use Steel in Concrete?


Hello Friends, Many students they have a question that why Civil Engineers use steel in concrete. so what is the reason? so in this article today I will discuss this topic ( Why Civil Engineers Use Steel in concrete? ). so after reading this article your question will be clear that why civil engineers use steel in concrete? Let’s get start.

Why Steel are Required in concrete?


We Know that:

Steel + Concrete = safe    therefore we use steel in concrete to get more strength.

If Only Steel   = Expensive      Brother   We cant support it to use steel for all construction works.

If We use only  Concrete in Construction  = Brother its too danger for building construction work.

Proof :

we know that : Concrete is weak in tension But its strong in Compression , therefore we use steel in concrete to make it strong in tension.

But remember that steel is also good in compression because steel has more strong from concrte.

Actually the steel quantity is used less from concrete in construction works. and its therefore weak in compression that’s we use the X – Section in concrete like in column so the cross section area is already small therefore its weak in compression if the high loads come on the steel so it cross section area has chance to become buckling.

Other hand concrete have large Cross Section therefore its Strong in Compression.

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Written By: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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