Checklist for Concrete Slab while casting.

Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss Checklist for Concrete Slab while casting, so lets get start

Checklist for Concrete Slab while casting

1: Remember never keep the  concrete surface smooth in slab.

2: During placing concrete should be vibrate otherwise it make voids in the slab.

3: Don’t place dry cement on concrete after finishing otherwise it makes scratch on the slab surface.

4: Quality of concrete is affected when the form work is not properly aligned, not leak proof etc.

5: Check the slab level in all direction during concreting work.

6: Concrete should be compact during its placing.

7: In rainy, windy weather to protect the concrete from damage we have to cover the plastic or tarpaulin over the slab.

8: During concreting the clear cover should be check of for slab.

9: Before starting concrete steel should be clean from dust and corrosion.

10: The formwork should be  clean from standing water before the placing of concrete.

11: Concrete should be dropped from the allowed distance.

12 The reinforcement steel should be free of any loose scale, rust, mud, or oil.

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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