Strength of Concrete

  In this construction video today I will  explains the strength of concrete. The testing is generally done after 28 days for checking the strength of concrete like a concrete box cylinder strength. First of all we will make a concrete box or cylinder which size should be 15 cm cube. So we have different Grade of […]

Grade Of Concrete and Water Cement Ratio

  In this Article with video today I will teach you that how to Find Grade of concrete with water cement ratio in detail so after reading this article and watching video you will be able to to now about Grade of concrete and water cement ratio in detail. We have Given Grade of Concrete: […]

Foundation Layout for Building at site

This is very important video for all civil engineering , because in this video today I will teach you that how we can do foundation layout for building at site. So here I used for foundation lay-outing or for foundation marking Centre line method, which is very important at site. Formula to do the foundation layout for building: […]

How to calculate Volume of Cement Bag

In this article today I wiill discuss that what is Volume of One Cement bag in cft. and also the weight of one cement bag after reading this article you will be able the volume of cement bag with weight. We now now that: Weight of One cement bag = 50 kg. Volume of one […]

Steps For Design Of Rectangular Beam | Design of beam |

Here in this Article today I will discuss about that what are the important steps to design the rectangular beam. and also I made a practical video for detail information. Steps for design of rectangular beam: 1: How to Find depth of beam : Formula : L / 16 = Depth of beam , Here […]

Drawing study for Dog-Legged Stairs

In this article I will discuss about that how to study Civil engineering drawing for dog legged stairs. if you have any problem than also watch my given video for more details. When we have to construct the any kind of staircase, so first of all we have to study drawing in detail. but this […]

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