Handmade Bed with Storage for civil engineers new technology

Handmade bed project is something that would do a great favor to any bedroom. Extra storage space is always welcomed in the house. People often struggle with their stuff and are searching a way to organize things in their home. So, this DIY project can help in this fight and make another sleeping space in […]

Information on Steel Construction That You Should Know

Here in this article all the information are about the steel structure for construction works, and also there are different type of steel structures. You as an engineer, architect, designer and contractor should know at least about steel as we brought you information on Steel Construction That You Should Know.      

Easy 3 Steps to Design a Stair

Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss 3 steps which can help you to design a stair, and these step are too much important for designing a stair, so after this article reading you will be able to build or Design a stair, lets get start. 3 Steps to Design a stair Step […]

How to Connect Tie Beam and Bond Beam reinforcement

REINFORCED CONCRETE MEMBERS The reinforced concrete frame surrounds all wall panels and keeps the house tied together in earthquakes and high winds. It is crucial therefore to construct all beams and columns correctly and to make sure they are well connected to one another. CONNECT THE TIE COLUMNS AND BOND BEAMS read more: Top 10 Best […]

Rebar / reinforcement details of beam and Slab

Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you Rebar / reinforcement detail of beam and slab , Let’s get start. Reinforcement details of beam and Slab Main straight bars: These bars are placed in tension zone. In simply supported beams the main bars placed at bottom and in case of cantilever beam these bars […]

Design of Stair with full Concept in Autocad

Hello friends, Many students the are not able design ( draw ) the staircase with full concept , so today in this video lecture you are able to learn how to draw the staircase with full concept, Lets get start. Stair Design Data : Running Length of Stair = 4.5 meter Wide of Staircase = […]

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