How to derive formula for superelevation of road bending

By going through the following construction video, you can learn the tips for obtaining formula toward full super elevation of highway or road. This video is very useful for land surveying. Full super-elevation stands for the amount with which the external edge of a curve located at a road or railway is grounded directly above […]

Remember some points before starting concreting in footing

General practice is to check when the footings are ready for concreting i.e. reinforcement is entirely tied up. However, the ideal practice would be to check it in two phase. 01. Check Formwork as well as soil strata Before you allow placing of reinforcement, check the formwork and soil strata. It is necessary as certain […]

Things to Check Before Concreting RCC wall

General practice is to check when the RCC wall is ready for concreting i.e. reinforcement fully tied up but ideal practice would be to check it in two phase i.e. 01. First check formwork before you allow placing of reinforcement. This is necessary as certain formworkdefects can’t be corrected or are difficult to correct after […]

Column Layout for Building

  The residential villa comprises of 1 and half floors. Initially, the column size 9″x12″ had been used with the use of M15 grade of concrete. The builder wanted to save on his budget by making the columns smaller in size. That is why, the columns in the Floor plans below are 9″x9″ in size […]

Design of Retaining Wall

This construction video is based on a construction sequence animation. The animation is created for arranging the reinforcement of a single retaining wall panel. Some useful information on Retaining Walls: A retaining wall must hold all the soil between itself and the failure plane. The failure plane is the angle at which the soil can retain […]

Best info about Bathroom Size and Space arrangement

Small bathroom is a great challenge to every interior designer because he/she needs to be very focused and innovative here(Small Bathroom Space Arrangement Creativity). The space is limited, probably there are some fixed elements you can not change. So, all you can do is to play with the possibilities taking out the best functionality of […]

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