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Hello Frindes, In this Video Lecture I will teach you, That how to find the weight of steel for different daimeter and also BBS for RCC Column , Like 8mm , 10mm , 12mm , 16mm ., 20mm and 25 mm, Let’s get start.

What is Bar Bending Schedule  

Bar Bending Schedule ( BBS ) provides steel calculation and cutting length , bending length for reinforcement. In Bar Bending Schedule we can easily get the length of bar, types of bend for steel bars, and as well as we can get the weigh of steel which are required for construction works.

BBS for Column

First of all we have to draw column and row for Bar bending Schedule of column.

So we need to make column which are given below:

1: Serial No

2: Description

3: No’s

4: Dia of Steel

5: Length of bar

6: Unit weight

7: Total weight

8: Remarks

For more detail watch the given video where you can find the quantity of steel for column beam etc.

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